Actisafe Ergonomics in Action

Actiwork Workplaces are designed to bring the human factor into your workspace. In every ACTIWORK Workplace design, we pay special attention to human physiology and individual needs to create a proper ergonomic design. Peopre ergonomics increase comfort and reduce the number of sick days per employee, which ultimately leads to greater productivity and substantial cost savings.

Ergonomics is a wide concept

When a working environment is being set up, the individual using it must come first. Employees cannot be fitted within a function ro system that is based on technical considerations. This means that the concept fo ergonomics has to be broadened to encompass all human psychophysical activites. The main objectives of ACTIWORK ergonomic design is to ensure employee health, increase the work satisfaction and improve their individual productivity.

Don't reach for it!

ACTIWORK workplace ergonomics mean that the work-surface and shelves are adjusted to the correct height for the job on hand and the required accessories are installed. When everything required is within the user's reach, valuable time is saved and the work-surface is kept clean and organised.




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